Saturday, April 28, 2007

Brooklyn Dayz

Heres a lil treat from homie Brian Brown from when we went to brooklyn last weekend .A sw180 to manny buttaz . The spot was surrounded with dogshit. I'm straight bumpin snoop dogg as i post this, weird. its a doggy dog world . enjoy !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We knuckin n' buckin

A few weeks ago Darcie and i went to go see CRIME MOB . When i first heard they was playin, the only thing i could think of was
" Knuck if u buck", Damn im gonna see them perfom it live,I gotta see this shit ! they performed at SWAY .
When we first got their you know i was lookin fly as shit wit that Jenkins on .
And Darcie had them "stilletos, Pumps, in the club "! so you know we was jaw droppin way before the red carpet . This night was fun as hell.
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YO' photobytone red carpet exclusive
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there crew came out with these big ass posters .shit was gettin hectic.
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Diamond and Princess say cheese
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I forgot these dudes names but theyre in the MOB . But look how ashy this muhfukkas hands are .Looks like he been punchin bags of flour before the show . get my man some lotion .
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they practice what they preach "stilleto's ,pumps , in the club . But it looks like homegirl wit dem red joints got hammertime toes foreal!

Diamond n' Princess spit it Acapulco .HOLLA!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

funny as hell

im a bugged out dude, cause i like retarded funny people .but this mug had me laughin to myself all day thinkin about this funny ass scene . This mug Kat Williams is bugged out .

Monday, April 16, 2007

el mundo hoy

Wow! america the beutiful has broken a new record in deadly shooting rampages today . a dude shot 32 in a three hour span at virginia tech ."Great", whats next ? muhfukkas are gonna shoot other muthafukkas in the olympics for O.P.P , "cant wait". its crazy cause theres no shock value in the news anymore, its every day news. Got white dudes fightin for anna Nicoles baby to, Imus the radio host calling the winning rutgers girls basketball team "nappy hoes". Damn! thats crucial. this is our evolution. If we all kill eachother till theres no one left something great is bound to happen .Basically our times are a reality and there will definitely be more to come. we need more good things like spanish rice and beans and free travel . thats good to me. we need a revolution , a great leader . i aint no preachin ass dude im just sayin we need greatness. aspire to be great!